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Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple
is made up of traditional martial artists dedicated to serving the way of the warrior since 1979. Our Temple Workshop offers an array of martial arts instructional and practice equipment such as these authentic Tai Chi Rulers in exotic parota wood.

Tai Chi Ruler from Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple

Tai Chi Ruler - $39 USD with DVD
Like all our martial arts products, this stunning Tai Chi Ruler is hand-crafted in the weapons workshop on the Temple grounds. Made by martial artists for martial artists, our martial arts weapons and practice tools incorporate the essential knowledge only an expert would possess, to create superior martial arts equipment and other related esoteric items. Temple Workshop

Do No Kai Temple's Tai Chi Rulers are made of parota, an exotic wood which grows in the Yucatán of Mexico, known for its distinctive striations and ability to repel termites. On each end of every ruler, you will find embedded the distinctive symbol of our martial arts temple, surrounded by a gold metal ring.

Unlike the mass-produced martial arts weapons available from most companies today, these handmade Tai Chi Rulers emit a warm glow that comes from deep within the wood. When you hold it between your palms, you will feel the difference.

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Free Extras with your Order
Except for our workshop clearance items, every Tai Chi Ruler we make comes with a professional DVD presenting the Tai Chi Ruler form as done at our martial arts Temple. This instructional DVD also offers abundant added information, both practical and esoteric.

Teach yourself the set movements that make up the Tai Chi Ruler form, practicing in the comfort of your own home or dojo. The free instructional video that comes with your Tai Chi Ruler includes the form itself, with a picture-in-picture inset, as well as footage of the form as it is practiced seated by those with limited mobility.

You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Shihan Riddle, the Temple's founder, with your individual purchase code printed on it. This code is your personal entryway to askShihan questions about the Tai Chi form, the
Tai Chi Ruler, and any other martial arts related subject.

Tai Chi DVD
Tai Chi Ruler Daggers

Tai Chi Ruler Daggers - $65 USD
When you carry this exceptional martial arts tool, it looks like a normal one-piece Tai Chi Ruler. Nesting inside, however, are two high-quality daggers. Use this stunning piece of martial arts equipment as a regular Tai Chi Ruler or an incredibly effective double-dagger weapon.

With your purchase of a Tai Chi Ruler Daggers set, we will send you two free instructional DVDs, one for the Tai Chi Ruler Daggers form and another for the Tai Chi Ruler form. You will appreciate the teaching clarity of both DVDs, and especially the picture-in-picture inset feature that allows you to see movements from two different angles.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity will be included in your package. It certifies that your Tai Chi Ruler Daggers were created by martial artists in a martial arts Temple. With your free DVDs, you will have all the specialized information you need for realizing the double potential of your new Tai Chi Ruler Daggers.

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*** Shipping time is typically 10-21 WORKING days.

We offer free shipping throughout Mexico and the U.S. for all our Tai Chi Rulers and Tai Chi Ruler Daggers.
Please write us at or use our online contact form to inquire about other locations.

(NOTE: Free shipping does not apply to special orders, nor to our workshop clearance items.
Also, certain countries, such as Israel, are restricted from receiving objects made of wood.)

We will send you a tracking number to follow the progress of your package straight to your door through USPS online.

Your Personal Certificate of Authenticity
This document gives you proof that your new Ruler was handmade by martial artists in the weapons workshop of Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple.
It is signed by the founder of Do No Kai Temple, Shihan Lonny Riddle, and bears your individual purchase code. Refer to this code to contact
Shihan Riddle personally and ask questions about the Tai Chi form, the DVD, the correct use of the Ruler, or any other martial-themed subject.

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